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Basic Information

How to request for quotation?

* Three Methods to Request for Quotation: RFQ, Upload BOM, or Sending Message.

* You can submit your request without registration. The only information we need: your name, email, country, and the products you need.

BOM, as Known as Bill of Materials

How to add product into RFQ?

* You may add products by filling product list in the BOM.

* You can view, update, or remove Products in the BOM, Product Page, or Product List.

* You can edit the quantity or target price of the products in the BOM, Product Page, or Product List.


How long are the products keeping in BOM?

* The BOM requires Cookie and JavaScript enabled by Browser.

* The BOM will be cleared if you closed entire browser.

* The BOM will be cleared after submitting a quotation request through the BOM.

* You can remove products in the RFQ manually.


How to submit a quotation request through the RFQ?

* Make sure there is one or more items in the RFQ; otherwise, an error message will show up.

* Click the button "Continue to Fill in Contact Information" to continue.

* Review all information and double check they are correct before clicking the button "Submit the Request for Quotation" to send a quotation request.

* After submitting the request for quotation, you will get a RFQ# for identifying and tracking your RFQ. Also, you will receive an email contains the information you submitted.

* Usually, our team will contact you within 48 hours, usually within 24 hours.

Payments Information

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