Quality Control


To maintain the customers interest, CHECK IC tries to reduce procurement basing on the good quality control. We have built a well-developed distribution system and obtained years market experience. Meanwhile, we also can help you in excess inventory management including excess inventory purchasing and consignment.

Consignment :

CHECK IC consignment program can help you get the highest return from inventory management services. You can submit your inventory to the CHECK IC, and we would find the best market opportunity throughout the world and maximize the recovery of funds, using our well-developed global distribution network and years market experience. Moreover, all the customers are allowed to track and manage their own inventory in our advanced inventory management system.

Excess Inventory Recycling:

Owing to rapid changes of electronics industry and markets need, manufacturers often get a lot of surplus or abandoned components, resulting to capital backlog. Rapid and effective excess inventory management can help the companies to revitalize the funds and improve competiveness.

Why choose Check IC as your inventory management service providerour advantages:

Globalization of the client platform help you quickly find the most suitable buyers for your dull stock.

Powerful database management platform quickly analyzes the potential market demand for your sluggish stock.

Efficient and safe logistics platform completes stock transfer in domestic and foreign warehouses for customers in the shortest time

The latest and most real-time information platform optimizes the value of your stagnant stock.

Sluggish stock package projects:

Sluggish stock package projects are applied to get rapid value recovery of stock. We are able to make the most detailed overall assessment of your sluggish inventory, and analyze the maximum value of recovery in the spot market. We purchase your inventory at the agreed price so as to reduce customer's storage, transportation and consumption costs, and get the recycling value as soon as possible.